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Eggs and tomato Stir-fry


4 eggs (additional 2 eggs per person) beaten up

2 tomato (additional half tomato per person), peeled, sliced (not too thin)

2 Tablespoon sunflower oil

1 table spoon tomato paste, diluted with a table spoon of water


Heat up oil, add a pinch of salt to the beaten up egg and throw into wok

Wait for clouds to form, then stir from to time to form large lumps

Dish up, try to keep as much oil as possible in wok

Using remaining wok, throw in tomato slices, press and stir to soften the tomato and squeeze the juice out

Add tomato paste water mixture, add sugar and salt, until well mixed

Add the egg back to the wok

Mix slightly, sprinkle spring onion and dish up



The redness of the tomato and the yellow eggs should not look mushy.

Chilli can be added if you prefer

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