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Roast Chicken Wings

You need:

12 chicken wings free range

Fish sauce 2 table spoon

Dark Soya sauce 1 table spoon

Fresh chilli 3, chopped finely

Garlic 6, peeled, chopped finely

Lemon 1


Chicken wings patted dry, cut into 2 halves, use a few toothpicks to poke holes randomly on both sides

Marinade sauce: Pour fish sauce, soya sauce, chilli, garlic and the lemon juice into a large bowl, marinade the chicken wings overnight in the fridge.  Turn from time to time.

Or put all the chicken wings in a bag, pour the mixture into, seal the bag for about 2 hours

In the oven, 180 degree, for 40 min.

Can eat as a meal or snacks

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